Hebrew People has as vision to equip and empower believers in Yeshua within the nations to awaken and prepare as a bride fit for the coming Messiah, her Heavenly Bridegroom.   We cherish relationships and use hospitality as a platform for teachings and discipleship.  Our walk with the Father is a journey – one in which we need the support, feedback and companionship of those journeying with us.

We minister to people, drawing from a basis of set values and a Hebrew perspective of Scriptures.  Our aim is to provide people with the knowledge, tools and self-confidence to shift paradigms, change destinies and transform communities to live from a revelation of who Yeshua is as the image of our heavenly Father.

We are also unique with our own particular needs, preferences and likes.  We all are also at different places in our journey with the Father.  Hebrew People therefore offers believers from across the globe a variety of activities, opportunities and facilities to learn, interact and grow.

I    Vision

The vision of Hebrew People is to equip and empower the bride of Messiah to prepare herself for the coming of the Messiah from a Hebrew understanding and perspective of the Scriptures through a diverse number of actions and facilities in the nations, with particular focus on Africa, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

II    What does the term a Hebrew mean?

Being a Hebrew means “having crossed over from one mindset or place to another”. This implies that you have changed from a worldly mindset to believing in the one and only true God.  It also means that you are constantly renewing your mind in this belief of the one true God of the Scriptures.  In essence it means to repent.

The term Hebrew does not mean to be Jewish.  The term “Jew” is related to those from the southern kingdom of Israel which was called Judah which returned to the land after the Babylonian exile and in modern thinking it means someone who subscribes to Judaism.  The term “Hebrew” is not a replacement for being Jewish but rather a sense of having changed in your mindset to whom you will serve as God. The first person to be called a Hebrew was Abraham.  Anyone who has repented from serving a false god to serving the one and only true God of the Scriptures are considered to be a Hebrew.

III    Values

The values which Hebrew People holds to, are embodied in the following facets:

Transferring a lifestyle through discipleship
The great commandment is to make disciples.  This commandment is not fulfilled in a theater style of discipleship only although it has great value, but rather in a “sharing of your life with one another” style where the disciple is influenced by the lifestyle of the teacher.  The paradigms of the disciple are challenged, the destiny of the disciple is shaped and the community in which the disciple lives is changed by the teacher through personal relationship with the disciple.

Fellowship based on hospitality
The strengths of a relationship are based on the amount of time we spend together.  The practice of hospitality is the means by which we accomplish the building of our relationships.

Education that empowers people
Education is not merely transferring information, but also equipping the student to discern between truth and a lie.  The knowledge which is conveyed to the student must become a revelation which will impact the lifestyle of the student and empowers the student for the purposes and plan God has for the student.

Family life as the foundation of a community
The cornerstone of society is the family and the strength of the family is measured by the effectiveness of the husband as family head to lead his own family into a lifestyle of being true worshippers, while also being engaged making disciples of other family heads to do the same.

Supporting ministries with servitude
Servitude is the mark of great leadership in the kingdom of God.  In the kingdom of Heaven, your ability to lead is measured by your ability to serve.

IV    Culture

The ministry operates from a culture of understanding the Scriptures within the typology of how God dealt with the nation of Israel and the original Hebrew understanding of the Scriptures from the customs, culture and language idiom it was written in. The backbone to the operations of the ministry is seated in solid management which provides the freedom for those ministering, not to be tied down by administration but rather be supported by a team who takes care of the operational administration.

V    Association

Hebrew People works in relationship with other ministries and organizations of similar vision in order to corporately achieve the vision of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Hebrew People does not believe that anyone has an exclusive claim to any part of the vision of the Kingdom of Heaven and is open for co-operation with other people and organizations.  The basis of such a association must be relationship and not membership.  The vision, values and culture of all the actions and facilities created to fulfill the vision must always be in step with that of Hebrew People which is to equip believers in Yeshua in the nations and to awaken as the bride of Messiah to prepare them for the marriage of the Lamb.

VI    Historic background

Dr Gerrit & Martie Nel founded Hebrew People.  They started out in the ministry in 1979 on a part time basis and in 1983 they ventured out into full time ministry.  They served as pastors of different congregations as well as on the international executive of the denomination they were affiliated to. They were and continue to be responsible for overseeing leaders in various organizations globally.  They also pioneered a number of educational institutions and a number of businesses with the aim of generating funds for the work of ministry.  Since 1992 they have been ministering interdenominational and internationally.  Now they teach globally and have also taken apostolic oversight of leaders who submit themselves to them for discipleship. Their passion however has always been teaching.  Since 1984, they have researched the Scriptures from the Hebraic mindset of the culture and customs from which it was written.  Their research has been supplemented by studying informally with Rabbi’s both in South Africa and in Israel since 1996. They are dedicated to teamwork and believe in and live the culture of discipleship.   They believe that discipleship is done on the basis of a lifestyle, sharing the practice of a relationship with God with disciples and not just a theoretical lecture style of only imparting knowledge.   Hebrew People was established from this background.

VII    Ministry locations and facilities

The central office of Hebrew People is based in Jerusalem, Israel, but Hebrew People also has regional facilities in Europe, USA and Africa.

VIII    Management team

The management team of Hebrew People consists of an executive as well as team leaders of the different activities of Hebrew People who have been co-opted to the management.  The leaders of Hebrew People are Dr Gerrit & Martie Nel.  The executive of the Hebrew People Team is as listed below and their responsibilities, includes the following aspects:

Dr Gerrit & Martie Nel

Gerrit and Martie are the founders and leaders of Hebrew People. With more than 30 years in ministry, they provide apostolic and prophetic guidance to the entire team. They are also responsible for strategic planning and implementation across all aspects of the ministry.

Gerrit and Martie are passionate about teaching and host conferences, seminars and educational programs world-wide. This also provides them with the opportunity to network and interact with other international congregations and ministries. Their commitment to relationships is clearly evident in their dedication to a life of discipleship. A multi-media study group system enables them to disciple leaders from around the world.

Juan & Elze-Mari Nel

Juan and Elze-Mari have a solid prophetic edge in networking with people across the nations. With a strong sense of innovation, they develop Hebrew People’s business aspects and pioneer new ministry activities. They are also responsible for the administrative and operational arrangements of Hebrew People’s conferences and seminars world-wide. Juan and Elz oversee Hebrew People’s ministry activities in Africa and Europe, spending the majority of their time between these two continents. In Europe, this includes Beit Tehillah, Hebrew People’s house of worship in Switzerland. African Highway, the ministry in Africa, includes an orphanage and school in Kenya. Passionate about the youth, Juan and Elz also founded and coordinate Hebrew People’s youth ministry. Elz is a medical doctor, a skill that opens up another avenue of serving others.

Jacques & Chanelle Nel

Jacques and Chanelle are based mainly in Israel and take care of the well-being of our visitors in Jerusalem. With a spirit of servitude and the hearts of shepherds, they oversee and arrange the Hebrew People tours to Israel. Apart from the responsibility for logistic and administrative matters, they also teach at many of the Bible sites and host our guests in Hebrew People’s ministry house in Jerusalem. Jacques and Chanelle founded and manage the media ministry of Hebrew People, thus compiling and distributing Hebrew People’s teachings in audio and visual format. They are also responsible for the management of Hebrew People’s tabernacle project.

Tiaan & Jani Nel

Tiaan and Jani have a strong teaching anointing and draw from a Hebrew language perspective to equip people internationally. Tiaan also teaches people to read, write and speak Hebrew, a language in which he is fluent.

They are responsible for the Hebrew People discipleship program and also coordinate the kings and priests relationships with business people. Tiaan and Jani recently pioneered and host a weekly television program on Kruiskyk entitled Emunah.