The growing threat against Israel

The growing influence of Iran in the Red Sea and Mediterranean is of great concern to both Israel and the United States. An added concern is the presence of ISIS forces in the Sinai, which pose a threat to both Israel and Egypt.

The pressure on ISIS by Western forces in Yemen, Iraq and parts of Syria forced them to move to the rugged terrain of the Sinai where they made use of the numerous caves to hide and launched their attacks on Israel and Egypt. Some of these caves are very difficult to reach by military forces.

Since the Hizbullah forces fighting with the Syrian forces in the Syrian conflict, they became bolder with their threats against Israel presumably due to their years of fighting experience gained in the war theatre in Syria. Another reason for their boldness is the fact that Iran supplied them with advanced weapon systems.

In the latest development, Russia and Iran is considering the deployment of ground forces to Syria, something Western forces are watching very closely.

On the Korean Peninsula, North Korea ignores any warnings against the test of ballistic missiles, to the point that the United States deployed more military hardware in the East Sea and South Korea. China is an ally of North Korea and is not so happy with these deployments.

It is well known that North Korea assist Syria and Iran in the development of weapons which could potentially reach Hizbullah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.This axis of evil should be watched very closely.

The first consignment of the new F-35 advanced bombers from the US landed in Israel during April 2017. The F-35 will give Israel a strategic edge in the Middle East and came at an appropriate time.

Are we witnessing the early stages of the building up of the Gog of Magog forces as described in Ezekiel 38 and 39?