Hebrew People is faith based and its vision is to equip believers to prepare themselves for their Hebrew Messiah. Moreover, our aim is to share a discipleship style of living which will inspire others in their faith journey with the Father. As such, we do not charge fixed fees or remunerations for hosting seminars, teachings or related travel and other costs. This is part of our demonstration of living by faith.

We rely on people like you to sow into the ministry according to the leading of our Heavenly Father. All gifts and donations are utilized to disciple, teach and empower believers across the globe. Whe are preparing them to live the reality of Yeshua with a changed paradigm and destiny in a transformed community. Our delight will be when the people we reach will also share this with others in their community.

Please write to us if the Father is laying this on your heart to become part of this vision by contributing financially either through a once-off gift or on a monthly basis. This will empower us to do the work of ministry we are called to and together we stand before the Father in eternity to receive our reward for accomplishing the call of the Father.

If you have not yet signed up as a friend of Hebrew People, you can do so by registering on our Home Page. This will ensure that you are kept up to date on how your contributions enables us to do the work.

We have created the facility to contribute via Paypal, but if you wish to make a contribution with an Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) we kindly ask if you would contact us from the Contact Us page to request our banking details.

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